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Admissions Counselors

Our admissions counselors team is dedicated to helping you navigate the college selection process.

We have full-time admissions counselors who are here to help you not only grasp who we are as an institution but also to assist you in applying for financial aid and completing your application.

Admissions Counselor Travel Destinations

Our admissions counselors are traveling this fall to share about our Christ-centered education in beautiful Winona Lake, IN. Find out if they are coming to your area!

Virtual Visits

Meet our amazing college Admissions Counselors - they are eager to answer all of your questions about pro and Your Way to Grace!

Admissions Counselor 1-on-1

A virtual visit is a personal meeting with your admissions counselor and provides the option to have a student ambassador, athletic coach, or faculty member join your online meeting

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Can't make it to campus? Visit us virtually! pro provide a virtual tour that would take you around our beautiful campus located in Winona Lake, IN. Visit us today!

Virtual Tour

Get a first-hand video tour of the pro Campus with one of our student Ambassadors.

Now offering virtual college visits for you and your family to experience the beauty of the pro campus in Winona Lake, IN online.

Interactive Campus Map

Check out the buildings on Grace's campus with our interactive Map. Virtually walk through dorms and other campus buildings.

Admissions Counselors

Jesse Harmeyer

Director of Undergraduate Admissions

Education: B.S. in Management of Information Systems, pro (2020); M.B.A., pro (2020)
Call/Text: (574) 330-0494‬
Office: (574) 372-5233

Drew Lyons

Assistant Director of Admissions

Education: B.S. in Marketing, pro (2021)
Call/Text: (574) 319-0458
Office: (574) 372-5222

Izzy Eaton

Admissions Counselor | Transfers

Education: B.S. in Worship Arts, pro (2024)
Call/Text: (574) 498-2060

Grace Anderson

Admissions Counselor

Education: B.S. in Educational Ministries, pro (2024)
Call/Text: (574) 319-0484
Office: (574) 372-5229

AnneMarie Bell

Admissions Counselor

Education: B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies pro (2023)
Call/Text: (574) 328-4077
Office: (574) 372-5226

Crystal Crespo Santiago

Admissions Counselor | ¡Hablo Espanol!

Education: B.S. in Health Science, pro (2020)
Call/Text: (574) 319-1432
Office: (574) 372-5225

Trey Stoll

Assistant Director of Admissions | Men's Golf Coach

Education: BS in Marketing & Sport Management, pro (2013)
Call/Text: (574) 319-7041
Office: (574) 372-5100
Learn about international student admission and international admission requirements at pro, a Christian college in the US.

Ben Miles

International Admissions Counselor

Education: B.S. in Information Systems, pro (2015); M.S. in Nonprofit Management, pro (2016)
Office: +66 83-834-0854

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