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pro Announces 2024 Full-Tuition President’s Scholarship Recipient

pro is pleased to announce Justin Oilar of Lafayette, Indiana, as the 2024 full-tuition President’s Scholarship recipient.

, an annual competition for high-achieving high school seniors, awards nearly $2 million in scholarships. These days are one facet of pro’s robust financial aid program, which provides institutional financial aid to 100% of its students, with more than 20% attending tuition-free. This year, the scholarship days transpired on four different Fridays throughout the year.

Oilar first heard about Grace through a field trip he took with Faith Christian School in middle school.

“It was an amazing experience, and I got to see first-hand how authentic the students and staff were to follow the example of Jesus Christ daily,” said Oilar.

As Oilar continued to develop his relationship with Christ, attending Grace became increasingly desirable to him. In February of his senior year, he attended Grace’s Presidential Scholarship Days in hopes of securing a scholarship.

Oilar was thrilled when he was named the full-tuition President’s Scholarship recipient.

“Throughout my life, there have been many great accomplishments along with hard circumstances that were difficult to overcome, but through it all, I know God works all things for good,” said Oilar. “This scholarship is an incredible blessing, and I am excited to use it to advance my education, contribute to the world and grow in my relationship with Christ.”

Oilar is undecided about his major, but he is certain that the Lord will reveal His plan as Oilar continues to follow Him.

Presidential Scholarship Days are for students who meet two or more of the following criteria: 3.75 GPA, top 20% class rank and 1230 SAT or 26 ACT. Larger scholarships range from $16,000 per year to full tuition, and all attendees receive a minimum of $1,000 per year added to their generous merit scholarships.

This year’s 332 competing scholars came from 19 states and 6 foreign countries. Their average high school GPA was 4.05.

The event schedule kicks off with an optional lunch and campus tour. The scholars are officially welcomed at the presidential welcome and panel before participating in 15-minute interviews with pro professors. The day wraps up with academic group meetings.

For more information about financial aid and scholarships available at pro, visit , call 866-974-7223 or email

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