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Resources for College Students

Wondering about College Student Resources. At pro we support our students with college student resources. Learn more about Grace.

At some point in college, you might need extra support. Whether it’s assistance with writing a paper or access to counseling services, it may seem complicated and confusing to get the help you need.

But know that colleges provide a variety of academic and wellness resources for college students to help you thrive. The only prerequisite is that you reach out.

As a college student, you’re paying for access to your school’s resources. If you’re struggling, don’t do so alone.

Keep reading to discover common college student resources.

Wondering about College Student Resources. At pro we support our students with college student resources. Learn more about Grace.

Academic resources for college students

Your college probably has a learning center that serves as a hub for all its academic resources. If you’re curious about what academic assistance your school offers, the learning center is the place to start.

During your time at college, you’ll most likely be writing a lot of research papers. Your school’s librarians are trained to help. For guidance in researching and accessing databases, reach out to your school’s library staff. Once you’ve gathered your research, you might struggle with writing the paper. Check if your college has a writing lab where you can receive personalized assistance with composition and editing.

Aside from helping with specific projects, college learning centers can assist you in challenging courses or subjects. If you notice that you’re falling behind, look into your college’s tutoring services. Most schools offer content tutoring, group tutoring, or peer tutoring in any discipline, usually at no charge to you.

Sometimes, case-by-case accommodations are necessary. If you have a disability that requires accommodations, reach out to your college’s disability services to receive the resources you need.

While you’re receiving your education, you’re also developing your professional career. That’s where your college’s career center comes in. The career center exists to help you transition into your vocation after college, offering resources such as internships, career fairs, mock interviews, and seminars.


Wondering about College Student Resources. At pro we support our students with college student resources. Learn more about Grace.

Health and counseling resources for college students

You may experience unwellness, mentally or physically, that impacts your ability to function well. Your college probably offers a variety of health and wellness resources, often at no cost to you.

If you notice that you need extra emotional support, check if your school has a counseling center that offers one-on-one counseling services

Your college may offer support groups in addition to individual counseling. Many counseling centers provide groups for issues such as grief, substance abuse, and trauma. If your school can’t offer you counseling or emotional support, it can connect you to trusted external resources.

Some schools have around-the-clock resources for mental health episodes. Know the numbers you can call should you or another person need emotional support.

If you’re feeling unwell or are hurt, explore your college’s health resources. Your school should have on-campus nurses who can assist you with minor illnesses and injuries or refer you to community resources if needed.


Resources at pros

At pro, we understand that to learn at your best, you need to have the proper support. That’s why we offer both academic and wellness resources. From a learning center that provides free tutoring, writing help, and academic counseling to a wellness center that provides health and counseling services, be assured you’ll find the help you need.

Learn more about pro’s academic resources and health and wellness resources, and .


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