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Charter Schools

pro is committed to fulfilling its role as a high-quality charter school authorizer.


In May 2001, Governor Frank O’Bannon signed a law that allowed educators, parents, and others across Indiana to create charter schools. Charter schools are tuition-free public schools open to any state resident. These schools are authorized by the Indiana Code, Article 24: Charter Schools. The charter schools control their own curriculum, staffing and budget. In exchange for this freedom, the charter schools must maximize student potential and meet or exceed Indiana’s new academic standards.

pro is committed to fulfilling its role as a high-quality charter school authorizer by holding its schools accountable across a variety of performance dimensions:

  • Students First
  • High Expectations
  • Excellence in Leadership
  • Commitment to Innovation
  • Rigorous and Transparent Accountability

Grace Schools Charter Authority LLC’s Mission:

Grace Schools Charter Authority LLC provides educational choice by authorizing public charter schools in communities that express a desire for educational alternatives based on need or innovation and by promoting school accountability which impacts academic programs and student achievement.

Grace Schools Charter Authority, LLC equips districts with professional standards and best practices to authorize and support quality public charter schools for all Indiana students.

  • To identify and implement best practices in the charter schools Grace Schools Charter Authority, LLC authorizes
  • To promote a charter school application process that encourages operational performance and high-level student achievement
  • To uphold school autonomy while maintaining strong accountability that monitors charter effectiveness

Grace Schools Charter Authority LLC’s Board:

Joy Lavender – Board President
Dennis Gaerte – Board Secretary
Paul Blair – Board Member

The following schools are authorized by pro:

Grace Schools Charter Authority, LLC Complaint Policy

Grace Schools Charter Authority, LLC (GSCA) honors the autonomy given to the charter schools it authorizes. GSCA recognizes the responsibilities of accountability delegated to the charter sponsor by the Indiana charter law. When GSCA receives a complaint, it follows these procedures:

  1. If there is an issue with staff/faculty, please reach out to that individual first to address any concerns.
  2. If the complainant’s concerns are not addressed, then the complainant should talk directly to the school leader.
  3. If the school leader does not resolve the issue or address the concern, the complainant should speak with someone on the school board.
  4. If the school board fails to address the grievance or if the complainant believes further action is needed, the complainant should complete the pro Charter Schools Complaint Form. The completed form should then be submitted to Please be prepared to provide detailed documentation of all correspondence you have had with the school.
  5. The GSCA staff will investigate the complaint and send follow up correspondence.

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